Become a Member

You are a part of our congregation just by being here and participating. Everybody is welcome! Formal membership in the Episcopal Church or Saint Luke is entirely optional.

Not an Episcopalian?

Becoming a member of The Episcopal Church

A person who is baptized may become a member of The Episcopal Church through a process called Confirmation. If you wish to join The Episcopal Church, we will arrange your preparation classes. When the bishop visits us each year, new members are officially “Confirmed. Following Confirmation, you will not only be an “Episcopalian,” but if the celebration happens at Saint Luke you will also be a member of this parish! 

Already an Episcopalian?

Becoming a member of St. Luke

If you are already an Episcopalian and you have been worshiping at Saint Luke long enough to discern that you wish to become a full member, just let us know. We will need your date of confirmation, date of birth, and the name and contact number of the parish where you were last a full member. We will request your “letter of transfer” from that parish, and once this is signed by both rectors, you will be a member of Saint Luke.